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Proof a successful bakery business with Odoo: Vastland Success Story
July 7, 2022

Our #OdooStories series shares how some of our clients use Odoo in a number of different and interesting ways! Our customer - Vastland, has a short "T+1" delivery time, and we're proud to assist them in meeting every tight deadline. Arthur loves Odoo's flexibility and accuracy. Coupled with the top-notch implementation carried out by our partner - Wantech, not only is his bread proof higher but so does this 60-year-old business. Watch Vastland's digitization story now!

Odoo 알아보기 - Odoo 의 파트너가 되어야만 하는 이유
July 18, 2022

Many businesses need software to keep their everyday operations undisturbed, safe and streamlined. This introduces countless business opportunities to IT service providers like you, to give professional help in implementing a SaaS product.

Elevate digital assets management with Odoo: Capture HK Success Story
May 24, 2022

Our #OdooStories series shares how some of our clients use Odoo in a number of different and interesting ways! Check out how Capture Hong Kong seamlessly manages its sales, production, and delivery operations with Odoo.

Give your best wedding service with Odoo: Bangkok Wedding Studio Success Story
April 27, 2022

Our #OdooStories series shares how some of our clients use Odoo in a number of different and interesting ways! Check out how Bangkok Wedding Studio seamlessly manages its sales and rental operations with Odoo.

Fill the Hole 心.洞
May 2, 2021

“Fill the Hole” is a 3-minute 3D animation work. It is my very first time making this work all by myself, from modelling the characters to compositing the video. There is a saying in Chinese: 「每個人心中都有一個「白月光」」 The process of finding the loved one in your life is not always easy. Some of them may get rejected by the one they love the most in their life. Therefore, a hole is then left in their heart. They may want to find someone similar to fill the hole and emptiness. Even though they get older and married to someone else, there is still a sense of emptiness in their heart because of the relationship with that person. In the story, Enoch was once rejected by “the one” and a hole was then created. He tried so many methods to find a similar girl to fill the hole. However, he failed again. When he thought that there was no more hope, a light suddenly appeared…

快樂心靈雞湯 Ways to be happy
May 17, 2020

世事豈能盡如人意 但在面對困難之時 你會如何令自己變得快樂? 聽過無數建議 看過不少的心靈雞湯 到頭來發現那些方法只是無稽之談 這 才是能令你快樂的 "心靈雞湯"

【《叛·侶》(La traición)正式預告片(Official Trailer)】
April 29, 2021

編劇 導演 周學賢 首次執導 李偉民、黃敏琛 領銜主演 莫嘉熙、李祉昕 傾力演出 【故事大綱】 女主角向晴是一名大專生,曾於2017年入讀大學的文學系。但她為了報讀自己心儀學系報讀了三年也不成功。三年過去, 她的伴侶綺麗一直在身邊支持她。但於第四次面試過後遲遲未有收到取錄通知。在她以為自己又一次失敗時, 遇見為她面試的男教師, 並向她提「有條件取錄」... Directed and Written by Sam Chow Hok Yin Starring Li Wyman, Sam Wong Co-starring Skyguy Mok, Cherley Lee 【Synopsis】 Human is always selfish and self-serving. Some of them even betrayed on other who trusted them a lot for his or her sake. From Greek mythology to nowadays society, we can always notice the fact that betrayal of relationship is such a normal behaviour. In this video, Ching, who had already applied for a school she dreamed of, got rejected again. Her best friend, Yee Lai, was always with her during this painful journey. However, professor of the school was attracted by Yee Lai while she accompanied Ching to attend the school interview. He promised he would consider Ching as the “special cases” to study in the school if Ching helped professor to do something. After Ching knew that what she needed to do, she was shocked and hesitated if she should betray Yee Lai for her sake…

Procedural Frozen
May 14, 2021

A procedural animation test created in Houdini.

December 23, 2020

In the so-called "growing up" or the "becoming ideal self" process, it is inevitable to change part of your personalities to fulfil social standards. Otherwise, you will act like a self-centred and naive person. I hate that I was born abnormal, and I wish to live just like a "normal person" who has many friends to play and chat with. Therefore, I tried to learn from others by stumbling and bumping. Years after, people started to accomplish me of being nice. It turned out that others' norms finally accept me, but am I still the true "me"? Maybe you have to kill yourself indeed to survive.

frozen kitchen
May 22, 2020

A lighting test with the use of Renderman

"Be the Bagel"
April 9, 2020

People heard of dating app a lot. Some of the guys who are timid and shy may not get to know some new people in their real life. What if the girl you want to date in the dating app suddenly appear in front of your eyes?

Earth Raise
November 16, 2019

“Nostalgic Moon” is a girl’s journey in reconciling with her past - the grief of losing her mother. Inspired by the sentimental nature of full moon, the story is set in mid-autumn to evoke tender feelings and memories of family. The other side of the moon, however, is dark and mysterious, mesmerizing and curious. Such is the journey of the girl as she follows the unknown, to take the fall, and find herself. In the end when she paints the rabbit with her fingers, she rediscovers her mother within herself. The love and tenderness of her mother lives on within her.

Who am I?
March 1, 2019

This video is a mix of live action and stops motion video which is a representation of my personal experience. In my very young age, there were so many people telling me to do something that can earn big money. The moral values that earning a lot of money is equals to success was just stuck in my mind that I nearly forgot what I really wanted to be, an artist. In most part of the video, a clay doll is representing me and other people that can be moulded by a pair of scissors, which is representing the moral values in the society. However, The clay doll became sad and desperate for change which it was glowing up. In the end, it saw that the so-called “brighter future” will only leaded people to a dead end. At that time, it transformed into a hard doll that cannot be moulded by the pair of scissors anymore, which represent that I will no longer be moulded by the so-called moral values in order to become successful. Because I am NOT CLAY.

Pingu Pingu!
December 26, 2019

Pingu is always one of my most favorite characters since I was small. This time I tried to make my own "pingu" in maya.

One Punch Ball
November 5, 2019

One punch man is one of the most renowned characters in Japan. What if he becomes a ball and walking on the street?

Bouncing Snowman
September 17, 2019

This is the first hand-drawn animation of me. You can see the transformation from 2 balls to a snowman. This work makes me more familiar with the 12 principals of animation.

休止符 Silencio
December 10, 2018

Being an artist was really hard, not to mentioned being an artist in Hong Kong, which is notorious for the lack of support from the locals to their own artists. In this video, Ngai, who was the award-winning lyricist in the past, lost his passion and self-confident because he thought that he could not get the affirmation from others. In order to ignite his passion and self-confident, he was addicted to drugs and thought that it could help him to get back his creative inspiration. However, after he had written the song he satisfied with...