December 11, 2020

This is a photo book that records my journey of finding the loved one.


November 16, 2020

I am a fanatic of Disney movies, especially “FROZEN”. Therefore I have brought a lot of FROZEN products as a decorations of my room. I love FROZEN so much that I brought so many FROZEN food products. Some of them are just plastic bottles and some of them are chocolate with a FROZEN toys in it. People may always want to collect Disney products that looks nice but I did both. Therefore I want to study the shape and forms of the so-called “dumps” that are also worth collecting. Full PDF:


October 11, 2020

Churches is a meaningful place for believers. At the time when Hong Kong was the British colony, there were numbers of pastors came to Hong Kong to do missionary. Therefore it is not weird to see there are lots of old churches in Hong Kong. With the proposal of national security law and the political unrests recently, people afraid that the freedom of religion will be getting less. As a Christian, I am also afraid that Hong Kong will be like China one day, churches in Hong Kong would be demolished like the churches in China, even though it was a precious historical building. Before the foreseeable tragedy happen, I want to record all the churches with my camera. FULL PDF:

False god

July 2, 2020

And I can't talk to you when you're like this.

"End Game"

March 16, 2019

It's the sunset of my torture. This is the only way to go.

"Brighter Future"

February 17, 2019

There are so many people telling you what is better for you to do in the future. Following other's successful path will ensure that you will also become successful. However, is it really true that following others must come to success? Is the so-called "brighter future" for others must fit for you to become successful?


February 10, 2019

Beach rocks endure the sear water for million years in order to have a beautiful shape. We, people, should learn from those rocks, endure difficulties in order to have a brighter future, or even realising your dream.


February 7, 2019

These photos were taken in the Victoria Prison, Central. People who were imprisoned lost all their freedom, not to mentioned doing something they wanted to. In nowadays, there are so many people who are "imprisoned", not because they really committed some crimes, but they are forced to follow the social values and do the things they don't want to.

Light in the darkness

January 17, 2019

Most of the people will have the time that they cannot do what they wanted to. So many mistakes and failures are discouraging people, or even leading them into a dead end. There are so many people put an end to their life because they cannot get rid of the bad situation. However, if there is some people give a helping hand to those people, they can get out of the darkness in an easier way, or even saving their entire career or life.

Walking from the harbourfront

January 15, 2019

Always feel relieved while walking from the harbourfront. The sea views are beautiful, and it does help people take a break while walking from the harbourfront.


February 2, 2018

In nowadays society, there are so many opinions about what is the success. Having a well-paid job, being able to buy a house, having a brand new cars... This kind of universal often used to define what people are the success. Most of the youngster may have a dream in their heart but cannot achieve it as they are affected by these values. They were forced to be the one that their parents or peers expecting to be. However, is it really about money or power in order to be the success?

Wish of a Child

November 15, 2017

These are the photos that were taken while I am enjoying my time in Disneyland. You may ask that why this photo is taken with black and white, as going to Disneyland should be a happy time. However, for me, childhood is the time that people will have the dream. Dreaming to be a police, doctor, or maybe designer. This is the time that most of the people will stay true to themselves. However, when people grow up, they may nearly forget what was their dream or may not fight for their dream because of the external factor like the parent's opinion etc. You may feel strange about the photo in the right hand side that she is not a kid anymore. However, she was as young as kids in mind, showing that she interacted with the fairytale characters as the kids did at that time. Taking this photos in black and white remind me that I also had a dream while I was small, and hopefully can keep fighting for my dream in the future.

Princesses Portraits

December 29, 2016

Princesses in Disney animations are always courageous, faithful and dedicate. Those values remind me to keep faith in my dreams. So I like taking photos of princesses to remind me that there is nothing holding me back to fight for my dream, being a good artist.