Interactive Media Idea & Advertising


The idea of Mutality comes from my own experience. Most of the time while I was listening to some typical music, I will get used to it and lost the interest in listening to that songs. Even though those music platforms such as YouTube provides users with some recommendation of songs, but sadly I don't suit my taste. As I am an emotional person and like to express my feeling by listening to the songs which suit the mood at the time while I am listening to music, this idea just popped up into my mind.

What is it?

This is an application that can detect your emotion, then the app will play the songs according your preference and your emotion at the moment. Using the word “Mutality” combines words “Music” and “Mentality”. Therefore it means that this application provides users with a whole new experience of listening to the music which suits their mood at the time.

How it works?

At the beginning of the application, users have to register and provide some of the crucial information that makes the application works, such as

-What are the singers you like/ don’t like

-What types of music you like/ don’t like

-Characteristic of music you listen to

The application will also links with the social media to get more information of user’s preference in order to provide a precise recommendation of songs to the users which suit their mood and the style of songs they like. After the registration of the application, users will directly get into the main page of the application which is clean and easy to use. They have to connect the phone to the smartwatch in order to detect their mood at that time. After that, they can start the detection of their mood Mutality detects the body condition of the person by the smartwatches, and analyse the data at the same time. Then the app will play the preview of the song. If users think that it isn’t good enough, they can press the button again and the app will analyse again and provide other songs preview. If the users think that is good, the whole song will be played after 5 seconds. It will also provide lyrics for the users just in case they want to know.

Users can get back their “mutality history” which the songs they have listened in the “person Mutality” panel which is in the top left-hand corner. They can also save the songs in the playlist and listen to those songs again while not using the detecting feature. Therefore Mutality keeps those features of the application nowadays and has the awesome features that they can find some new songs to listen. The most important thing is those songs will suit the mood of users at that time.

How can it knows the preference of choosing songs?

Because some people will like to listen to the songs that suit the situation they face at that time, while some of them will listen to those songs that appease their feeling. Therefore this application will provide the setting for the users choosing what setting they prefer.

Advertising idea

"Lost in your Mind" — Mutality

The advertisement was showing a girl who was so emotional after putting her earphones on. The reason behind it is because she can finally listen to songs that suit her mood at the time being by using “Mutality”. In the ad, her delight, anger, sorrow, and happiness can also be expressed by using “Mutality”. She was so enjoying and so into it after using the application. In the final scene, she pointed at the earphone and her heart, it presents the idea that she can finally “listen to her emotions”.


The idea comes from the time that I saw people chatting with their grandma on the street. For me, my grandparents had died before I was born. I really wanna meet them once in a lifetime. With the advanced of technological development of virtual reality (VR) technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it came to my mind that we can take advantage of these technologies and made an application for users to meet the one they missed the most or the one whom they had never met them.

What is it?

Memoria is the application that integrates the VR and AI technology in order to create a virtual environment for the user to meet someone that they want to but are not able to meet in the real life. It helps users to get back the memory of themselves with the one they missed.

How it works?

At the beginning of the application, users needed to choose in the application that if the one they wanted to rebuild has died or not. The reason is that the information needed to provide in the application to the server varies as the one being rebuilt died or not.

It is needed for the users to provide information about the one that they wanted to meet in order to create the program.

Whether the people rebuilt is realistic or not depends on the sufficiency of the information provided to the server. Users are required to provide the information as follows:

-Photos of the one they wanted to meet

-videos and soundtracks of the one being rebuilt

-Soundtracks for themselves and immediate family (For rebuilding family members only)

-The pet phrase or way of speaking of the person -The approximate time of the media being taken (For approximating the change of the physical state if the one have not died)

After providing the information through the application, users need to wait for a period of time for the inventor of the application to create the whole environment for the user to meet the one they missed. As it is a tailormade application, the time of waiting depends on the number of users providing the information and wanted to use this app.

After opening the application, it will directly go into the program, and the user will see the people they want to meet in the environment as the information provided by the users. They can talk to the person by asking the simple question. The person being rebuilt will approximately same as the real person in the different perspective like the way of talking etc. They can use the application in the respective platform, for example, PS4 VR or Samsung Gear.

What if users don’t have VR devices

As VR technology is still in a developing stage, the price of buying a different device for using VR application will still not be affordable for some people. Thus, I just think that we can also provide the application which is applicable for normal mobile devices. Users can demand the programmer to provide the final program which is applicable to their desired mobile phone model. They can provide their mobile phone model at the time that they are providing the information of the one being rebuilt. After they receive the application, they can just normally install the application onto their own device and still can have a normal conversation Using mobile phone devices rather than VR devices with their missed one.

Advertising idea

"Re-meet" — Memoria

The idea of this advertisement actually came from the time that I was travelling on the MTR, seeing that some people were using their own cell phone to facetime their family members, especially the foreign domestic helpers. Thus, I just thought that if the advertisement situation was just like the time that people using facetime, it will be easier for people to understand the idea of the application and maybe then interested in using it. The advertisement was showing a girl who missed her boyfriend so much and wanted to meet him again. While she was walking on the street, she just notices that she can use the application, “Memoria”, to do this trick. After she opened the application, it just likes the time that she met her boyfriend in the most memorable place. She just wondering if the person being remade is real or not and wanna touch him. Just at the time that she nearly touches the guy, she knew that this was just an application, but providing an exciting experience for her to meet the one she missed.