Illustration & Design

Customer Success Stories Thumbnails
March 16, 2023

These are the thumbnails I designed for the Customer Success Stories video series for Odoo.

March 13, 2019

An illustration inspired by a photo of the football stars Paulo Dybala.

2D Taylor in 3D world
January 30, 2019

I like the style of combining 2D and our 3D world. Therefore I just use the photos of my idol, Taylor Swift, to draw out her image and combine the drawing into the real world environment.

Kill your classmates
January 10, 2019

Hong Kong is notorious for the education system. Students are required to compete with each other since a very young age. One of my friend, who is a NET in secondary school, told me that he often witness the break of friendship because of the examination result. Students put so much more emphasis on the examination result, rather than the relationship between friends, which is a horrible result because of the education system. Because of the values that academic excellence is important than everything, teachers just like educating students to kill each other.

The Foolish Lion and the Clever Rabbit
November 20, 2018

This is a cartoon version of the story that the clever rabbit cheated the cruel lion to go to the river, telling it that there was some animal stronger than the lion in the river. However, it was just a reflection of the lion. I do think that in nowadays society, there are so many people like the “foolish lion”, thinking they are the cleverest in the crowd and always showing off. However, the one who is the cleverest are those people who are humble and will not often show off. They will just use their wisdom to do the things they have to, just like the little rabbit.

December 15, 2017

Taylor Swift is my favourite singers. Other than her songs, the thing that made me respect and loves her most is that she stays true to herself that being a good singer. Although her style of songs changed over time, she just keeps getting better and never forgot where she begins. So she is the idol that I wanted to learn her dedication and believes. At the time that her new album released, I just wanna make a poster for her new album and I shared this poster on the internet and promote her believes to other internet users. I don’t mean to promote her album, but just wanna show my support to her and her values were what I believe.

Draw out "Dreams"
January 18, 2017

Meeting princesses is always like a dream for most of the people. I am also one of them. Therefore as a science student who want to fight for my dream, being an animator in the future, I just keep practicing drawing human portraits by drawing the photos of princesses taken by me.

"Meet" Rapunzel in my house
October 20, 2016

I always imagine that when I wake up one day, I can meet all the Disney princess in my real life. I know it might be quite scared if my wish is true and it will not become true, so I decided to make it become "real”.

Moana in Colour pencil
January 26, 2017

The practice of using colour pencil to draw Moana.