A Narrative Pictogram of Betty Boop: Snow White(1933)
April 7, 2021
The main reason I choose this shot animation video is that I want to bring a new perspective to the story. People often only focus on Snow White, the main character in the movie while stepmother was often being neglected. Before I start to make this pictogram, I tried to find the opinions of how people comment on the animation. Sadly most of the reviews are only about the plot of how Snow White was being rescued and the songs sung by another character in the video, Koko. After I watched the video several times, I do believe that she was also a character that people should pay attention to. People may think that she was only an evil character. However, I do believe her appearance in the video can also teach people a lesson. The change of her emotions throughout the movie was also an interesting thing to watch.
Into the Unknown
January 29, 2019
I am a so-called “science student” in the entire secondary school life. Calculating maths all day long, doing different kinds of experiment… I nearly forgot what’s my childhood dream, being an artist, expressing myself by different kinds of media. After getting into the university, I finally know that I should do what I really wanted in the future, but not just following other’s path or stay in my comfort zone. It is just a drastic change from a complete science student to an art student, just like what the man did in the collage, jumping out from the cliff to an unknown place. We don't know if it is safe, but we have to step out our comfort zone in order to be what we wanted to be.
September 5, 2018
There are so many bad things happen in our life, so many failures, out of expectation, and lost of the loved one. For me, in order to reach for my dream, studying the major that I wanted to, I have given up so much. However, for these years my dedication hasn’t been paid off. I have to bear such humiliation in order to go on to fight for my dream. Not only me but most of the people are fucked by life like what the women in the college being fucked. However, we should be faithful to yourself, facing those challenges with joy like what the women in the colleage did because there will be one day you will finally get out from the bad situation and have a chance to shine.
Stay Gold
January 9, 2018
There is a time I went to a convenience store. When I was looking for a drink, I suddenly saw the side of selling newspapers. I look through all the newspaper and saw that all of the headlines are about something bad, as most of them are posting negative news. I was curious about the content inside the newspaper and thus I brought them all. After I look through all the content, not only it was reporting the bad news to readers but also implanting the values that money is anything in this society. However, I just found that all the newspaper had only litter word which is positive. Dedicate”, “personality”, and these are the things that people should believe in. So at that time, the idea has just come out to my mind that making this artwork, tearing the newspapers off to make the background and the scrap of black papers to make the person. For me, black is the colour representing not forget why you begin to fight for your dream as black is not easily affected by other colours. With the whole black person trying to chase and grab the “Dedication” and “personality” in a tone of negative and in my opinion, the wrong values and believes about success.