Animation & VFX

Animation showreel 2023
March 31, 2023

Sam Chow's Production Animation & VFX Showreel 2023.

Carousel Night
November 10, 2022

Fire Village
March 22, 2023

The village is on fire with the help of After Effects.

March 25, 2023

Creating the scene with Instancer.

"Rolling Teapot" Art Challenge
August 24, 2022

Texturing exercise for the "Rolling Teapot" Art Challenge

Car Lighting Setup
September 22, 2022

Lighting project for a car.

Candle Night
March 30, 2023

Film Noir
June 23, 2022

This is a lighting exercise in Maya creating the Film Noir mood.

Body Animation
August 23, 2022

Body mechanics animation including the action of picking Up a ball, fencing and baseball throwing.

japanese Temple
December 15, 2022

Pose setting for human body
July 20, 2022

This is the pose setting exercise for a human character.

Spaceship Rig Setting
January 19, 2023

Fill the Hole 心.洞
May 2, 2021

“Fill the Hole” is a 3-minute 3D animation work. It is my very first time making this work all by myself, from modelling the characters to compositing the video.There is a saying in Chinese: 「每個人心中都有一個「白月光」」The process of finding the loved one in your life is not always easy. Some of them may get rejected by the one they love the most in their life. Therefore, a hole is then left in their heart. They may want to find someone similar to fill the hole and emptiness. Even though they get older and married to someone else, there is still a sense of emptiness in their heart because of the relationship with that person.In the story, Enoch was once rejected by “the one” and a hole was then created. He tried so many methods to find a similar girl to fill the hole. However, he failed again. When he thought that there was no more hope, a light suddenly appeared…

Car Model Preview
January 26, 2023

Gun Model preview
October 21, 2021

Human Face Rigging Setting
February 15, 2023

物業管理業發牌制度 (牌照制度及3年過渡期)
November 10, 2021

This is an informative 2D animation video for Property Management Services Authority in Hong Kong.

「財智鐵人」初中理財教育計劃|理財動畫影片系列|EP 1
May 22, 2022

This is a 2D animation video series for TWGHS Hong Kong "Money Master" program. It helps middle schools students to learn how to be smart while managing their money

[Ohmplus Technology Inc.] Brief Introduction
October 5, 2021

This is a 2D animation video introducing the Ohmplus Technology.

Procedural Frozen
May 14, 2021

A procedural animation test created in Houdini.

Frozen Kitchen
May 22, 2020

A lighting test with the use of Renderman

Earth Raise
November 16, 2019

“Nostalgic Moon” is a girl’s journey in reconciling with her past - the grief of losing her mother. Inspired by the sentimental nature of full moon, the story is set in mid-autumn to evoke tender feelings and memories of family. The other side of the moon, however, is dark and mysterious, mesmerizing and curious. Such is the journey of the girl as she follows the unknown, to take the fall, and find herself. In the end when she paints the rabbit with her fingers, she rediscovers her mother within herself. The love and tenderness of her mother lives on within her.

Who am I?
March 1, 2019

This video is a mix of live action and stops motion video which is a representation of my personal experience. In my very young age, there were so many people telling me to do something that can earn big money. The moral values that earning a lot of money is equals to success was just stuck in my mind that I nearly forgot what I really wanted to be, an artist. In most part of the video, a clay doll is representing me and other people that can be moulded by a pair of scissors, which is representing the moral values in the society. However, The clay doll became sad and desperate for change which it was glowing up. In the end, it saw that the so-called “brighter future” will only leaded people to a dead end. At that time, it transformed into a hard doll that cannot be moulded by the pair of scissors anymore, which represent that I will no longer be moulded by the so-called moral values in order to become successful. Because I am NOT CLAY.